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Creative Enzymes has been active in the enzyme industry for several years. In addition to conventional enzymatic techniques, we are also dedicated to development of emerging new sciences. Creative Enzymes provides design and synthesis services for abzymes, based on the knowledge and professional skills in molecular biology.

  • Professional in TSA design and synthesis
  • Specialized hybridoma and non-hybridoma technology
  • Rapid turnaround and the most competitive prices

Abzymes Service Workflow

Abzymes service workflow

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Synthesis of TSA
Abzymes production
Evaluation of enzyme activity

Q1: What is the prospect and application of abzymes?

To date abzymes display only weak to modest catalytic activities and have not been proved to be of any practical use. They are, however, subjects of considerable research interest. Abzymes can be designed to catalyze a wide range of reactions, not performed by natural enzymes. Newest developments in abzymes technology exploit combinatorial libraries displayed on the surface of phages, a method which enormously enlarge the possible size of the library. Furthermore, abzymes have potentials in clinical research, for example they can be used as activate prodrugs.

To facilitate the promising research, Creative Enzymes offers various techniques including hapten design for abzymes design and synthesis. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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