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Ligand-based Inhibitor Design

Enzyme inhibitors are a majority of drugs and drug candidates. Creative Enzymes offers professional services to facilitate development of enzyme inhibitors, using structure-based and ligand-based approaches. Structure-based inhibitor design usually provides a deep insight into the binding mechanism at a molecular level. However, this requires detailed structural biology data which is usually missing due to the high cost and limited timeline. Therefore, ligand-based design is a reliable alternative, where the properties of the binding pocket is summarized based on the known inhibitors to the enzyme. The approach is able to give a high success rate with limited information, and thus accelerate the discovery and development process. With the most advanced experimental techniques and specialized data analysis, the high-quality and accuracy of our service is guaranteed.

Creative Enzymes is engaged in providing screening services for all customers in a variety applications. Our service has been one of the best on the market supported by decades of dedicated experience.

Ligand-based inhibitor design workflow

Workflow of ligand-based inhibitor design

Inhibitor Design Technical support and computer aid Get a quote
Pre-filtering of database and compounds collection
Activity measurement and analysis
Study on the inhibition mechanism

Creative Enzymes is proud to provide our ligand-based inhibitor design service to worldwide scientists. For any technical support, please feel free to contact us.

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