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Natural Substrates of An Enzyme

Creative Enzymes offers substrate screening and identification service, which is an important step for all enzyme related research. For novel enzymes or enzymatic reactions, we are able to quickly develop protocols for substrates screening, including determining the natural substrate of an enzyme.

We offer a variety of substrate libraries for screening to improve the hit rate. Thousands of substrates are available with in-house assays and data analysis. We able also able to customize the screening and activity testing according to specific demands.

Natural substrate screening workflow

Natural substrates of an enzyme

Substrate screening Technical consultation and experiment design Get a quote
Initial natural substrate screening
Activity/binding assays
Refined substrate screening [optional]
Enzyme-substrate complex analysis


Q1: Why should I screening the natural substrate of enzyme?

It is believed that using the natural substrate and the full-length version of enzymes is best for screening assays. For enzymes that act on macromolecular substrates, such as proteases and kinases, consideration should be given to screening against protein-based, rather than peptide-based substrates. In dealing with enzymes that act on macromolecular substrates, there are two issues that make use of the natural substrate preferable for screening assays over truncated substrate mimics. First, for some macromolecular substrates, binding interactions can occur distal to the active site of the enzyme, in what are referred to as exposit binding pockets. In some cases, the exposits interactions contribute significantly to the overall (ground state) binding energy for formation of the initial enzyme-substrate complex. Therefore, enzyme natural substrates can be utilized in identifying the inhibitors, which react on initial enzyme-substrate complex. The second issue that makes use of natural substrates preferable is that the binding of substrate can induces specific conformational changes of the enzyme in some reaction mechanisms. These conformational changes can affect active site configuration and can reveal inhibitor binding pockets elsewhere on the enzyme that were cryptic or unavailable prior to substrate binding. In these cases, the specific structure of the natural substrate can be important in inducing these conformational adjustments.

The screening services in Creative Enzymes are more flexible and reliable. The high-quality services and rapid turnover have satisfied lots of our customers. We are looking forward to working with you. Please contact us if you need technical support.

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