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Phage Display and mRNA Display for Enzyme Engineering

Creative Enzymes provides different display systems for enzyme engineering, which are optimized for enzyme screening and selection. mRNA display is an in vitro selection method that can interrogate highly complex protein libraries. Phage display is another powerful technique for screening large libraries of proteins.

  • Pre-made library screening
  • High affinity: 10-7 to 10-9
  • Large library capacity: >1010
  • Various phage display systems: M13, T4, T7, etc.
  • Comprehensive QC validation
  • Minimal conformational changes of the immobilized target
  • Tailored biopanning strategies
  • Increased surface area for panning saturated phage solutions

Phage Display Workflow

Phase display Services workflow by Creative Enzymes (Sidhu S S, et al. 2007)
# Required for the guaranteed packages but optional for custom services.

mRNA Display Workflow

mRNA display Services workflow by Creative Enzymes (Golynskiy M V, et al, 2010)
# Required for the guaranteed packages but optional for custom services.

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Creative Enzymes has developed efficient high-throughput screening and selection procedures in different enzyme production hosts for enzyme discovery and engineering. Our most valuable resources are skilled and knowledgeable scientists and proprietary enzymology technologies. The partnership with Creative Enzymes will fulfill your enzyme engineering needs.

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