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Structure-based Inhibitor Design

Creative Enzymes provides the most professional services for enzyme research. Relying on expertise in enzymology, our approaches are both flexible and reliable. Our scientist team has decade-long experiences in setting up methods and analyzing results. We only believe in the best quality which is already endorsed by many of our customers.

Structure-based inhibitor design workflow

Workflow of structure-based inhibitor design

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Inhibitor design
Screening of inhibitors
Activity measurement

Noticing the growing demands in inhibitor screening, Creative Enzymes offers structure-based inhibitor design service to support your research. Our abilities in performing professional computational simulation service has been testified by lots of scientists. Please contact us for more technical support.

Q1: What are the advantages of structure-based inhibitor design?

Structure-based inhibitor design should be supported with thorough computer simulation knowledge. Despite the inherent limitations of computer model-built structures, they are sensible starting points for the process of drug development. Compared to random methodologies, structure-based inhibitor design has many advantages. Besides the low time and spend cost, this method is more dependent on technology, making the design more reasonable. Thus, it has the high rate to get efficient target inhibitor.

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