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Enzyme blend for paper refining

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•Elimination of the need for soda pulping. •Reduction in refining energy. Reduction in Refining time or Amperage leading to a reduction in electrical costs. •Improvement in fibre yield. Increase in fines retention from increased fibrillation (micro-fibrillation). Helps to reduce build-up of fines in forming and press fabrics, increasing fabric life. •Improvement in wastewater quality. Reduction of fines and the cleaning of white water loops. •Improvement of paper strength properties. Enhances paper strength by increasing inter-fiber bonding through fibrillation (micro-fibrillation). •Improvement in machine runnability. Cleaner whitewater system helps to reduce slime build up that causes sheetbreaks. •Reduction in steam loading or increase in papermachine speed. Improvement in drainability leading to either the reduction of steam demand for paper drying or conversely increases in the paper machine speed. •Improvement in paper quality. Improvement in paper formation due increased fines retention and more efficiently refined pulp. Reduction in vessel picking during printing of paper produced with hardwood virgin pulp. •Savings in raw material costs. Allows the use of lower quality and cheaper furnishes. •Savings in chemical costs. Reduction in consumption of retention aids and strength enhancing chemicals
Enzyme blend for paper refining
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1.This Paper Enzyme is for use as refining enhancers . 2.In papermills using virgin and recycled fibers .
25kg/barrel or subject to client requirement.
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