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Native Serratia sp. Serrapeptase

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Serrapeptase is a protein decomposition enzymes produced by bacteria serratia . Can decompose slow bradykinin, fibrin and fibrinogen.
Serrapeptase, Native (Serratia sp.)
Serratia sp.
1. As pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturing injection, oral agents, executive standard: YBH Clinic: Used for anti-inflammation, eliminate swelling. Promote the dissolution of sputum, thick liquid to drain. Promote the migration of antibiotics to lesion. 2. Plant and animal protein hydrolysate powder (HAP, HVP) production applications The flora and fauna of macromolecular protein hydrolysis into small molecular peptides or amino acids, to facilitate the effective absorption and utilization of protein. 3. The application of baking industry To improve the luster of the finished products, make cookies section distinct, uniform structure, SongShuang crisp taste. 4. The application of soybean protein isolated Reduce the viscosity, improved the functional characteristics of soybean protein isolated 5. Production application of yeast extract, yeast extract Improve the utilization rate of the end product of protein and flavor 6. The beer industry Used in beer production, proteins can be ruled out "cold cloudy" phenomenon 7. Application of textile industry Processing of wool, and improve quality 8. Application of leather industry Made from the hair removal agent. 9. Application of feed industry To improve protein utilization and lower costs.
Serratiopeptidase; Serratia E-15 protease; serralysin; serrapeptase; serratiapeptase; serratia peptidase; serratio peptidase; serrapeptidase
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