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Fructanase Mixture

Official Full Name
Fructanase Mixture
This enzyme preparation is designed for use in the measurement of fructan (inulin) by the procedure of AOAC Method 997.08. The procedure recommends the use of Fructozyme, which is a fermentation product containing highly active exo-inulinase and endo-inulinase. However, Fructozyme also contains other enzymes at activity levels which interfere with the specific measurement of fructan or, alternatively, result in depolymerisation, and thus underestimation, of other dietary fibre components if this preparation is used in the standard AOAC dietary fibre methods to remove insoluble fructan.
exo-Inulinase; endo-Inulinase; α-Galactosidase; β-Glucanase; Pectinase; Fructanase Mixture

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