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Enzyme for premix feed---PME

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PME is specially developed for premix feed and Farm with a characteristic of concentration enzyme. The results of practical experiments showed using this enzyme preparation could save enough space of diet composition and keep the stable feed quality. It is applied in feed with lower addition due to the high bioavailability value. Ingredients: cellulose; β-glucanase; Xylanase; etc
Enzyme for premix feed---PME
1. Higher bioavailability value but lower addition. 2. PME is concentration enzyme, then save the storage space. 3. Make up inadequate secretion of endogenous enzyme of animal to improve animal feed intake and feed efficiency; 4. By means of breaking down anti-nutritional factors in feed, to improve digestion and absorption of the dietary energy and protein; 5. Reducing the differences between different batches of feed, to steady products' quality; 6. It can reduce nitrogen and phosphorus excretion, to reduce environmental pollution.
25kg/barrel or subject to client requirement.
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