Comprehensive Technology Information


Title Author Year Journal Product
Optimization of protoplast methods suitable for transient CRISPR/Cas9 expression in Lepidium campestre Selga, Louise 2017
NATE-0207: Native Basidiomycetes sp. Driselase
Deciphering molecular mechanism of silver by integrated omic approaches enables enhancing its antimicrobial efficacy in E. coli. Wang, Haibo, et al. 2019 PLoS biology EXWM-3175: phosphoglycerate kinase
Biotechnological strategies to produce levan: Mass transfer and techno-economical evaluation González-Garcinuño, Álvaro, et al. 2019 Chemical Engineering and Processing-Process Intensification NATE-1384: Fructosyltransferase 68A from Bacillus subtilis, Recombinant
Effect of Enzymatic Bio-scouring on the Dyeability, Physicochemical, and Mechanical Properties of Jute Fabrics Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul, and Khaled Saifullah. 2019 Fibers and Polymers DETE-2621: Alkaline Cellulase for detergent
Effects of neprilysin-renin inhibition in comparison with neprilysin-angiotensin inhibition on the neurohumoral changes in rats with heart failure Dizaye, Kawa, and Rojgar H. Ali. 2019 BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology Isoprenaline HCl
Effect of isoamylase application on chemical characteristic of cassava root meal starch Puspita, P. S., and W. Hermana. 2019 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science SUG-006: Isoamylase (Food Grade)
Validation of leaf enzymes in the detergent and textile industries: launching of a new platform technology Kumari, Uma, et al. 2019 Plant biotechnology journal DETE-2624: Alkaline Lipase for detergent
A MXene‐Based Wearable Biosensor System for High‐Performance In Vitro Perspiration Analysis Lei, Yongjiu, et al. 2019 Small DIA-208: Native Microorganism Lactate oxidase
Preparation of Cells from Embryonic Organs for Single‐Cell RNA Sequencing Sekiguchi, Rei, and Belinda Hauser. 2019 Current protocols in cell biology NATE-0633: Native Bacillus licheniformis Protease
Probabilistic cell type assignment of single-cell transcriptomic data reveals spatiotemporal microenvironment dynamics in human cancers Zhang, Allen W., et al. 2019 bioRxiv

NATE-0633:Native Bacillus licheniformis Protease

Ulcerative colitis mucosal transcriptomes reveal mitochondriopathy and personalized mechanisms underlying disease severity and treatment response Haberman Y, Karns R, Dexheimer P J, et al. 2019 Nature communications

NATE-0633: Native Bacillus licheniformis Protease

Patho-physiological role of BDNF in fibrin clotting Amadio P, Porro B, Sandrini L, et al. 2019 Scientific reports

NATE-0920: Tissue plasminogen activator from Human, Recombinant

Cross-Linked Enzyme Aggregates as Versatile Tool for Enzyme Delivery: Application to Polymeric Nanoparticles Galliani M, Santi M, Del Grosso A, et al. 2018 Bioconjugate chemistry

NATE-1087: α-Glucosidase from Bacillus stearothermophilus, Recombinant

Production of proteases from organic wastes by solid-state fermentation: downstream and zero waste strategies Marín M, Artola A, Sánchez A. 2018 3 Biotech

BER-001: Neutral Protease for Beer Brewing (Food Grade)

Enzymatic Synthesis of Epoxidized Fatty Hydrazides from Epoxidized Palm Oil Using Native Muchor meihei Lipase in n-Hexane Solvent JAMINGAN Z, YUNUS W, KHIM O K, et al. 2018 Asian Journal of Chemistry

NATE-0408: Immobilized Lipozyme from Mucor miehei

Effect of xylanases on refining process and kraft pulp properties Buzała K P, Kalinowska H, Borkowski J, et al. 2018 Cellulose

DIS-1032: Xylanase

Protection Against Helicobacter pylori Infection in BALB/c Mouse Model by Oral Administration of Multivalent Epitope-Based Vaccine of Cholera Toxin B Subunit-HUUC Pan X, Ke H, Niu X, et al. 2018 Frontiers in immunology

PHAM-179: Native H. pylori Urease

Optimization of aqueous two-phase systems for the production of 6-aminopenicillanic acid in integrated microfluidic reactors-separators Lucie Vobeck´a, et al. 2018 New Biotechnology

NATE-0541: Native Escherichia coli Penicillin Amidase

Evaluation of the Rupture Test for Stability Studies of Soft-Shell Capsules Bachour G., et al. 2017 Dissolution Technologies

NATE-0503:Native Bovine Pancreatin
DIS-1029: Papain

DIS-1016: Bromelain
Effect of dietary phytase on phosphorus use efficiency and dynamics in aquaponics Cerozi B. D. S., et al. 2017 Aquaculture International NATE-0565: Native Bacterial Phytase
Impaired Mitochondrial Respiration in Large Cerebral Arteries of Rats with Type 2 Diabetes Merdzo I., et al. 2017 Journal of Vascular Research NATE-0682: Bovine Superoxide Dismutase-polyethylene Glycol
Polyglycerol-opioid conjugate produces analgesia devoid of side effects Gonzálezrodríguez S., et al. 2017 Elife NATE-0967: Native Human Leukocyte Esterase, Unsonicated
Implementation of a Simple Nanostructured Bio-Electrode with Immobilized Rhus Vernicifera Laccase for Oxygen Sensing Applications Álvaro Torrinha, et al. 2017 Electroanalysis NATE-0373: Native Rhus vernicifera Laccase
Opossum peptide that can neutralize rattlesnake venom is expressed in Escherichia coli. Komives C. F., et al. 2017 Biotechnology Progress NATE-1890: Chymotrypsin from Human, Recombinant
Psychrophilic proteases dramatically reduce single cell RNA-seq artifacts: A molecular atlas of kidney development Adam M. et al. 2017 Development NATE-0633: Native Bacillus licheniformis Protease
Toxicological evaluation and metabolism of two N-alkyl benzamide umami flavour compounds: N-(heptan-4-yl)benzo[d][1,3]dioxole-5-carboxamide and (R)-N-(1-methoxy-4-methylpentan-2-yl)-3,4-dimethylbenzamide Karanewsky D. S., et al. 2016 Toxicology Reports NATE-0148: Native porcine catechol-O-methyl transferase

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