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Baking Enzymes

Baking industries provide a whole range of bakery products, of which a common characteristic is that they are mainly fermented, cereal-based products subjected to high-temperature processes for increasing their organoleptic properties and shelf life. The main ingredients in baked goods are flours from cereals such as wheat, corn, and sorghum. Other major cereal crops produced include rice and barley, oats, millet, and rye. In general, all flours contain valuable amounts of energy, protein, iron, and vitamins, but the degree of milling will influence the final nutritional content.

Baking Enzymes

Enzyme supplements have been largely used in baking to make consistently high-quality products by enabling better dough handling, providing antistaling properties, and allowing control over crumb texture and color, taste, moisture, and volume. Enzymes with some contribution in bakery products can proceed from enzymes naturally present in flour, those associated with the metabolic activity of the dominant microorganism, or those intentionally added during the mixing step as technological or processing aids. The supplementation of flour and dough with enzyme improvers is a usual practice for flour standardization and also as baking aids. Over the years, enzymes gained importance in the bakery industry for their efficiency to modify dough rheology, gas retention, and crumb softness in bread manufacturing; to modify dough rheology in the manufacture of pastry and biscuits; to change product softness in cake making; and to reduce acrylamide formation in bakery products. There are many enzymes used to alter major and minor biomolecule structures and to achieve desired functionality.

In baking, the most commonly used enzymes classes are hydrolases, such as amylases, proteases, hemicellulases, and lipases, and oxidoreductases, which comprise, among others, glucose oxidase and lipoxygenase. Creative Enzymes provides enzymes for baking industry. Please find our enzyme products in the list below:

Except for these enzymes, Creative Enzymes also provides multiple enzyme blends used in various applications. To get more information about these products, please call 1-631-562-8517, or e-mail us at, or use our Contact Page.

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