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Enzyme Activity Measurement for DNA-Formamidopyrimidine Glycosylase

Creative Enzymes is a pioneer in the enzyme service industry and is well known for customer satisfaction. We deliver the products and services in the shortest span of time from the date of order submission. Extensive and professional experiences help us gained a good reputation from customers all around the world. Herein, we are glad to provide the most accurate enzyme activity assays for DNA-formamidopyrimidine glycosylase.

DNA-formamidopyrimidine glycosylase (EC; Fpg) from Escherichia coli, is a DNA repair enzyme that removes 8-oxoguanine (8-oxoG), 2,6-diamino-4-hydroxy-5N-methylformamidopyrimidine (Me-FaPy), and several structurally related lesions from damaged DNA. Fpg is a component of the “GO system” that functions through several enzymes to protect organisms from mutagenic defects. DNA-formamidopyrimidine glycosylase also possesses apurinic/apyrimidinic lyase activity, nicking the phosphodiester backbone of DNA at the site of the lesion. Besides the oxidative DNA damage, DNA-formamidopyrimidine glycosylase also recognizes alkylation damage. More specifically, DNA-formamidopyrimidine glycosylase probably plays an important role in processes leading to recovery from mutagenesis and cell death by alkylating agents.

In nature, oxidative DNA damage is generated by a variety of environmental and endogenous agents, including ionizing radiation, certain chemicals, and products of aerobic metabolism. 8-Oxo-7,8-dihydroguanine (8-oxoG) is one of the most abundant forms of oxidative DNA damage. Through formation of a Hoogstein-type base pair with adenine, 8-oxoG leads to miscoding and mutagenic, resulting in G→T transversions in bacterial and eukaryotic cells. The potential harmful effects of this lesion are avoided by base excision repair, in which Fpg is an essential enzyme. Recently, the DNA repair mechanism has attracted many researchers due to its central role in tumor development, aging, and birth defects. Fpg, as part of the machinery, is also being heavily studied. Therefore, it is important to be able to monitor the activity of this enzyme in a cost effective and rapid way during investigation of the function and catalytic mechanism of DNA-formamidopyrimidine glycosylase.

Fortunately, Creative Enzymes offers quick and reliable measurement of the enzyme activity of DNA-formamidopyrimidine glycosylase. The enzyme activity is usually determined by using the accurate spectrophotometric assay. Fully equipped with the most advanced spectrophotometric instruments, we guarantee the performance of activity tests in a professional and timely manner. Overall, Creative Enzymes is your trusty-worthy partner and will continue the support of your business with high assay quality.

Enzyme Activity Measurement for DNA-Formamidopyrimidine Glycosylase Figure: The crystal structure of Arabidopsis thaliana FPG.

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CAS No.78783-53-6
CAS No.78783-53-6
SourceE. coli
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