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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Fucokinase

From the company’s inception as a supplier of enzyme activity assays, Creative Enzymes has become a globally recognized leader in the development and optimization of enzymatic assays. By constantly striving for services of utmost quality, Creative Enzymes has earned the trust of many customers and is proud to offer highly reliable research services. Therefore, we are proud to provide the accurate enzyme activity assay for fucokinase.

Fucokinase (EC is an enzyme that specifically catalyzes the conversion of free L-fucose (L-Fuc) to beta-L-fucose 1-phosphate (L-Fuc-1-P) using ATP as the phosphate donor. This reaction requires a divalent cation for activity, with Mg2+ and Fe2+ giving rise to the highest enzyme activity for fucokinase. Fucokinase was identified in the humans, pigs, mice, Arabidopsis, and Bacteroides fragilis. The enzyme was first discovered in pig liver in the late 1960’s. In the GDP-L-Fuc salvage pathway, fucokinase synthesizes L-Fuc-1-P from L-Fuc and ATP. Free L-Fuc for the salvage pathway is obtained from the diet, or in the case of cultured cells from culture medium, and is transported across the plasma membrane into the cytoplasm. Furthermore, free L-Fuc can be obtained from intracellular degradation of glycoproteins and glycolipids in lysosomes by fucosidases.

Fucokinase serves as a critical role in biochemical analysis and biosynthesis. Fucokinase from B. fragilis can be used in the development of an alternative way of labeling fucosylated structures by metabolic engineering for the identification of fucosylated glycoproteins. In addition, acting as an important biochemical tool, this enzyme prepares activated L-fucose derivatives for fucosylation reactions. This enzyme also plays a role in the formation of radiolabeled fucose 1-phosphate. Therefore, to figure out the functional significance of fucokinase completely, it is important to be able to monitor the activity of fucokinase.

Herein, Creative Enzymes is skilled to perform proper enzymatic assays for fucokinase. The chromatographic assay is considered to be a reliable and cost-effective method for activity quantification. The research team of Creative Enzymes stands out with the most advanced equipment, extensive experience, and leading technology, which assure the high reproducibility and accuracy for the activity measurement. Ultimately, Creative Enzymes is your trust-worthy partner, and we look forward to collaborating with you soon.

Figure: The  crystal structure of human fucokinase. Figure: The crystal structure of human fucokinase.
UniProt: Q8N0W3

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