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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Kappa-Carrageenase

As a reliable service provider, Creative Enzymes offers the enzyme activity assay services with high quality and competitive cost performance ratio. Having tested numerous enzymes in the past several years, Creative Enzymes has accumulated extensive experiences and emerged as a worldwide leader in the field of enzyme activity assays. Among many other popular services, Creative Enzymes provides fast and high-quality activity assays for kappa-carrageenase.

κ-Carrageenase (EC; kappa-carrageenan 4-beta-D-glycanohydrolase) is an enzyme that cleaves the internal β(1-4) linkages of carrageenans, yielding oligogalactans of the neocarrabiose or neoagarobiose series. The enzymes belongs to family 16 of glycoside hydrolases (GH 16). As the galactan hydrolase displays a strict substrate specificity, it effectively recognizes the pattern of sulfation on the digalactose repeating units, which makes it a useful tool for the structural analysis of the cell walls and protoplast isolation from red alga. Carrageenans are gel-forming linear sulfated galactans extracted from certain marine red algae. They consist of D-galactose residues linked by alternating α-1,3 and β-1,4 linkages. After hydrolysis of κ-carrageenan using κ-carrageenase, the obtained sulfated oligosaccharides show potential activities in anti-tumor, anticoagulation, anti-inflammation, anti-thrombosis, and viral inactivation. There are various reports on κ-, ɩ-, or λ-carrageenases from several bacterial genera including Pseudomonas carrageenovora, Cytophaga, Alteromonas carrageenovora, Vibrio sp., and Zobellia galactanovorans. In addition, the structure of κ-carrageenase from P. carrageenovora has been determined. κ-Carrageenases of different organisms have obvious distinctions in terms of primary structure, enzymatic characteristics, and productivity.

Based on the potential exploitation of κ-carrageenase in the field of seaweed biotechnology and its large scale application in biotechnology industries, there is an urgent need to further improve the catalytic efficiency. Therefore, accurately quantifying the enzyme activity has become the first step to further development. Creative Enzymes is prepared to provide the most reliable and precise enzyme activity assays for κ-carrageenase. For details, we quantify κ-carrageenase activity by measuring the increase in the concentration of reducing sugars formed by enzymatic digestion, using the dinitrosalicylic method. Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, the most advanced instruments, and a group of outstanding enzymologists, the test results are the most trusted and highly reproducible. True to the core value of our company, we firmly believe that the highest quality standard for our work is the basis of customer satisfaction. Overall, Creative Enzymes is your best choice for enzyme activity analysis involving κ-carrageenase.

The crystal structure of κ-carrageenase from P. carrageenovora Figure: The crystal structure of κ-carrageenase from P. carrageenovora.

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CAS No.37288-59-8
CAS No.37288-59-8
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