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Enzyme Activity Measurement for L-Arabinitol 2-Dehydrogenase Using Spectrophotometric Assays

Creative Enzymes is proud to provide spectrophotometric activity assays for L-arabinitol 2-dehydrogenase. Because the enzyme is relatively newly discovered and identified, little research has been done to understand the activity and structure of the enzyme. Properly measuring its activity is even more difficult without the above-mentioned information. However, Creative Enzymes relies on its own expert team and developed robust activity analysis to satisfy the customer’s request.

L-Arabinitol 2-dehydrogenase (EC1.1.1.13) is an enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of L-arabinitol, using NAD+ as the redox cofactor to produce the L-ribulose. The systematic name of this enzyme class is L-arabinitol:NAD+ 2-oxidoreductase (L-ribulose-forming), which is also known as L-arabinitol dehydrogenase (ribulose-forming) and L-arabinitol (ribulose-forming) dehydrogenase. This enzyme is a member of the oxidoreductases family, more specifically, the oxidoreductases that catalyze the CH-OH group of the substrate and use NAD+ or NADP+ as the cofactor. The enzyme was first isolated in Penicillium chrysogenum and showed its special function that is involved in pentose and glucuronate interconversions. Both L-arabinitol and L-ribulose are important chemical intermediate. Due to their rare configuration of the stereochemistry, they serve the pharmaceutical and chemical industry as critical stereo resources for synthesis of other biological small molecules. Therefore, L-Arabinitol 2-dehydrogenase is getting more and more attentions from pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Despite of the promising future of L-arabinitol 2-dehydrogenase in biological and pharmaceutical industries, the activity assay of this enzyme has not been well developed because of availability of the substrate and lack of knowledge of the enzyme. Creative Enzymes independently developed reliable activity assays for this enzyme, based on deep understanding of its structure and properties. The catalytic activity of L-arabinitol 2-dehydrogenase can be measured by following the reduction of NAD+ at 260nm, using the spectrophotometric analysis. Creative Enzymes offers spectrophotometric assays to measure the enzymatic activity accurately, which is critical to developing products with L-arabinitol 2-dehydrogenase. Overall, Creative Enzymes is the best choice to you for activity measurement for L-arabinitol 2-dehydrogenase.

Enzyme Activity Measurement for L-Arabinitol 2-Dehydrogenase Using Spectrophotometric Assays Figure: The image of Penicillium chrysogenum, the fungal species where L-arabinitol 2-dehydrogenase is usually found.

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