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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Malto-Oligosyltrehalose Trehalohydrolase

Creative Enzymes is a globally recognized leader in the development and supply of enzyme assay services for a variety of customers. Our test quality is the primary prerequisite requirement for the corporate success, and the highest quality standard sets the basis of our high-level customer satisfaction. Having tested activities of a wide range of enzymes in the past several years, Creative Enzymes has accumulated extensive experiences, which fully prepared us for providing the rapid and high-quality activity assays for malto-oligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase.

Malto-oligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase (EC, MTHase, also known as glycosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase, glycosyltrehalose-hydrolyzing enzyme, and trehalose-forming enzyme) mainly catalyzes the release of trehalose and the maltooligosaccharide with lower molecular mass by cleaving the α-1,4-glucosidic linkage next to the α-1,1-linked terminal disaccharide of maltooligosyltrehalose. Several bacteria are capable of producing MTHase, such as Arthrobacter sp. Q36, Arthrobacter ramosus S34, Corynebacterium glutamicum, Deinococcus radiodurans, Rhizobium sp. M-11, Sulfolobus solfataricus MT4, Sulfolobus solfataricus KM1, Sulfolobus acidocaldarius ATCC 33909, and Sulfolobus shibatae DMS 5389. MTHase has been classified in family 13 of glycosyl hydrolases (GH).

Trehalose (α-D-glucopyranosyl-α-D-glucopyranoside) is a nonreducing sugar formed from two glucose (G1) molecules linked by an α-1,1-glucosidic linkage. Trehalose is widely present in insects, fungi, and bacteria. The sugar has a remarkable function to protect proteins and lipid membranes from desiccation, freezing, heat, and osmotic stress, and it has been approved as a new food ingredient. It is gaining more applications in many different areas, such as a sweetener component, a preservative or stabilizer for food, cosmetics, vaccines, medicines, cells, and organs. As the applications of trehalose are rapidly growing, a production process with a high yield of trehalose is strongly desired by the industry. Currently, trehalose is synthesized from starch on an industrial scale by using MTSase and MTHase obtained from mesophilic bacterium Arthrobacter sp. Q36 or Rhizobium sp. M-11. Therefore, it can be foreseen that MTHase will become more popular in biocatalytic and food processing industries. Consequently, fast and reliable activity measurement of MTHase will be important to related applications. Herein, Creative Enzymes makes the most accurate enzymatic activity assay available for MTHase. The MTHsae activity could be determined by our specially developed spectrophotometric assays. Fully equipped with the latest spectrophotometric instruments, we are able to secure the performance of the activity test in a professional and timely manner. Overall, Creative Enzymes is your best choice for any type of enzyme activity assays.

Enzyme Activity Measurement for Malto-Oligosyltrehalose Trehalohydrolase Figure: The crystal structure of maltooligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase from S. solfataricus KM1.

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