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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Oxidoreductases Acting on Nitrogen and Sulfur Using Spectrophotometric Assays

Creative Enzymes has been the expert of enzyme activity assays for years. Using the resources of most advanced spectrophotometers and a strong team of enzymologists, we have developed specific measurement methods for the oxidoreductase enzymes that act on nitrogen and sulfur atoms. These enzymes are designated as EC 1.4, EC 1.5, EC 1.6, EC 1.7, and EC 1.8, and comprise of hundreds of enzyme members. No other company has the similar capability of enzyme activity tests.

Oxidoreductases are often named as “oxidase”, “reductase”, or “dehydrogenase”, while under some circumstances the enzyme could also be named after the substrate or the function, such as “deaminase”, “synthase”, and “lyase”. The oxidoreductases catalyze oxidation of the C-N bond or C-S bond, break the chemical bond, and generate products with oxidized carbon and another molecule containing the nitrogen or sulfur atom. Most enzymatic oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions are reversible, and the equilibrium of the reaction is mainly determined by the redox potential of the substrates and products, the oxidation state of the cofactors, and the concentrations of each species. As a result, the enzyme activity assay needs to be performed under well controlled conditions so that one direction of the reaction is greatly favored, and the enzyme activity can be accurately determined. Unlike other oxidoreductases, these enzymes employ molecules containing nitrogen or sulfur as the substrate, which means broad, strong UV/visible absorption for many substrates. The broad range of absorption could tremendously interfere with the activity measurement based on the NAD or NADP cofactor. To this end, Creative Enzymes developed activity measurement methods particularly designed for each oxidoreductase.

Since the nitrogen- and sulfur-containing substrates have critical biological functions, these enzymes are getting more noticed by pharmaceutical, environmental, agricultural, and personal care companies. Creative Enzymes has served these areas for a long time with the reputation of precision, reproducibility, and high-throughput capability. We will continue to maintain the high quality of our tests for any enzyme you may desire to work on:

Enzyme Activity Measurement for Mannitol-1-Phosphate 5-Dehydrogenase Using Spectrophotometric Assays Figure: Examples of oxidation reactions catalyzed by oxidoreductases that act on nitrogen and sulfur: Top - Glutamate dehydrogenase cleaves the C-N bond and form a carbonyl group; Bottom - Prenylcystein oxidase detaches a sulfur atom from the sulfide bond and produces a aldehyde and a thiol, L-cysteine in this case.

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