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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Cholinesterase

Creative Enzymes is a leading enzyme service supplier who provides reliable activity assays for cholinesterase. Based on the extensive experiences on hydrolases testing, Creative Enzymes can customize the test protocol for different research purposes. Our experiments are performed by the most professional experts and the results are of high accuracy.

Cholinesterase (BChE, EC is an esterase that acts on a variety of choline esters and few other compounds, several of which serve as neurotransmitters. Because BChE is relatively abundant in plasma (about 3 mg/liter), the enzyme is also called plasma cholinesterase.

BChE plays important pharmacological and toxicological roles in organisms. Human plasma BChE is a toxicologically relevant enzyme because it hydrolyses or scavenges a wide range of toxic esters, including heroin, cocaine, carbamate pesticides, organophosphorus pesticides, and nerve agents. Therefore, hBChE (human BChE) is a potential drug candidate that may be employed in several therapeutic fields. This is due to the unique structure of the enzyme that allows accommodation of a large variety of substrates and inhibitors. Nowadays, BChE-based biopharmaceuticals are under research and development as stoichiometric and catalytic bioscavengers for neutralization or detoxification of poisonous esters. Recombinant and plasma-purified hBChEs are in Clinical Phase I as the first stoichiometric bioscavengers for the pretreatment of acetylcholinesterase intoxication. The vital clinical significances arouse booming researches on this enzyme. To facilitate such effort, Creative Enzymes provides precise activity assay services for both purified enzymes and enzyme-containing solutions. Creative Enzymes excels at this type of enzyme activity determination, and we can handle all peculiar situations with customized programs.

The crystal structure of human BChE in complex with a choline molecule Figure: The crystal structure of human BChE in complex with a choline molecule.
Reference: Nicolet, Y. et al. J.Biol.Chem. 2003 278: 41141-41147.

Creative Enzymes has specified experiences in spectrophotometric enzyme activity assays with a predominant position in the industry. Our advanced technology can satisfy special request based on client’s needs. In the future, Creative enzymes will be the partner of choice in your research activities.

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