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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Lysophospholipase

Creative Enzymes, with strengths of both professional technical supports and extensive experiences, is well known as a top-tier service provider. The activity services for hydrolases are of high quality and endorsed by many customers. Especially, the activity measurement for lysophospholipase can be performed with rapid turnover and high accuracy.

Phospholipases (PLs) are ubiquitous enzymes which are involved in diverse processes such as membrane homeostasis, nutrient acquisition, and generation of bioactive molecules. Phospholipases hydrolyze mainly glycerophospholipids, although some may also degrade neutral lipids. Depending on the site of action, the enzymes are classified as phospholipase A, B, C or D. Wherein, phospholipase B, also known as lysophospholipase and EC, specifically acts on carboxylic ester bonds. This enzyme removes the remaining acyl moiety on lysophospholipids, accompanied with the formation of glycerophosphocholine.

The homeostasis of glycerophospholipids constitutes an indispensable element for buildup, maintenance, and component dynamics of cell membranes in all organisms. Hence, lysophospholipase is of vital significances for the participation in the glycerophospholipid metabolism pathway. Besides, this enzyme is also of important clinical significances. Eosinophil lysophospholipase interacts with the Charcot-Leyden crystal proteins, which are microscopic crystals found in people who have allergic diseases or parasitic infections such as asthma, parasitic pneumonia, and ascariasis. Therefore, it may be a novel drug target for the treatment of these diseases. The regulation of enzyme activity probably becomes the main therapeutic approach. Noticing the promising applications in clinical treatment, a batch of studies are focused on this enzyme. However, the activity measurement has been a challenge to these studies because it is sensitive to the storage condition and the freezing-thawing process. Studies have shown that the enzyme is unstable sometimes even upon purification. To solve these problems, Creative Enzyme brings the reliable and rapid activity assays for lysophospholipase, which determines the activity level within the period of stable activity.

The reaction catalyzed by lysophospholipase Figure: The reaction catalyzed by lysophospholipase.

The professional approach of enzyme services distinguishes Creative Enzymes from our competitors. We are concentrated in providing perfect services for enzyme activity measurement. In the future, Creative Enzymes promises to sustain the professional standard and efficient services to continue being your trustworthy partner.

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CAS No.9001-85-8
CAS No.9001-85-8
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