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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Sucrose Phosphorylase

Creative Enzymes holds a unique position in the enzyme service market with multiple advantages over other vendors including the decade-long experiences and the best performed instruments. The professional enzymologists are engaged in enzyme activity testing for many years, which guarantee the assays with high accuracy and reliability. We are experts in transferases activity testing and always deliver reproducible and rapid results for sucrose phosphorylase.

Sucrose phosphorylase (EC is a hexosyl group transferase which reversibly catalyzes the phosphorolysis reaction of sucrose to form D-fructose and α-D-glucose 1-phosphate. This reaction enables the production of the essential glucose moiety from sucrose. Sucrose phosphorylases is mainly expressed in bacteria, especially in some obligate anaerobes, which are commensals in the gut of humans and animals and thought to contribute to health.

Sucrose is a disaccharide consisted of glucose and fructose joined by an α-(1,2) glycosidic linkage. Sucrose cannot be directly used to generate energy unless broken down into its constituent monosaccharides. Sucrose phosphorylase participates in the sucrose degradation pathway and catalyzes the first step of sucrose decomposition. The two products are subsequently converted to β-D- fructose-6-phosphate, which is further metabolized via the fructose-6-phosphate phosphoketolase (F6PPK) pathway. The pathway has been described in bifidobacteria for the metabolism of glucose to produce primarily acetate and lactate. Therefore, sucrose phosphorylase is a pivotal enzyme for efficient sucrose utilization. In addition to the metabolic position, this enzyme has also been industrially used in medical and biosynthetic research. Because of the participation of phosphate in the catalytic process, this enzyme is used for the specific applications such as phosphate quantification. In chemical synthesis, this enzyme can act as a transglucosylation catalyst for the synthesis of α-D-glucosides, an industrial fine chemical. Besides, the enzyme also acts as an active ingredient of cosmetic formulations in the industrial process for the production of 2-O-(α-D- glucopyranosyl)-sn-glycerol. Although the activity measurement for this enzyme has been developed by many institutions, an efficient and standardized method has not been identified for large-scales use. Creative Enzymes has demonstrated high-quality services beyond the majority of the enzyme service industry and is able to provide batch-based analysis.

Enzyme Activity Measurement of Sucrose Phosphorylase Figure: The crystal structure of sucrose phosphorylase from Bifidobacterium adolescentis.
Reference: Desiree Sprogøe et al. Biochemistry. 2004 43(5):1156-62.

Creative Enzymes contributes to the development and exploitation of rapid assay services for enzyme activity testing. Our strong research team and superb equipment are ready to perform suitable and precise assay method for your research. Our services are enjoying an outstanding reputation, and you will not be disappointed by choosing us as your research partner.

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CAS No.9074-06-0
CAS No.9074-06-0
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