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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Uracil/thymine Dehydrogenase

Creative Enzymes is a service provider especially engaged in enzyme activity measurement. We have the most advanced equipment and professional testing protocols. With years of extensive experiences, we can totally satisfy your demands in enzymology research. We are able provide reliable and reproducible results for enzymes, especially oxidoreductase such as uracil/thymine dehydrogenase.

Uracil/thymine dehydrogenase is one of the oxidoreductases that catalyze the chemical reactions targeting uracil and thymine and producing barbiturate and 5-methylbarbiturate respectively. Other molecules participate in the reaction are H2O and electron acceptors, which finally form the reduced acceptors. For example, 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol can serve as an electron acceptor in Enterobacter aerogenes. This enzyme is now found only in some of the bacteria. Other alternative names in common use include:

There are two pathways of pyrimidine metabolism, one is reductive pathway appears in mammals, plants, and microorganisms, while, another one is the oxidative pathway. Uracil/thymine dehydrogenase is involved in uracil degradation II oxidative pathway and the degradation of thymine in some microorganisms, which is an important part in pyrimidine metabolism. The oxidative pathway of pyrimidine degradation was first reported in 1952, in Mycobacterium, Corynebacterium, and Norcardia, isolated from soil. In this pathway, the catalyzed products of uracil/thymine dehydrogenase, namely barbiturate and 5-methylbarbiturate, are subsequently converted to urea and malonic acid by barbiturase. However, the precise process towards urea and malonic acid is unclear yet, which becomes a bottleneck for further studies of the oxidative pathway. The proper enzyme activity assay for uracil/thymine dehydrogenase will support the follow-up studies to better understand this pathway. Some reports have shown that this enzyme is unstable in the cell-free extract, with a complete loss of activity within 3 days, which makes ex vivo activity measurement very difficult. To solve this challenge, Creative Enzymes developed the capability to provide rapid assay approaches and accurate result before enzyme inactivation.

Creative Enzymes belongs to the first tier in the enzyme service suppliers in the world. Our competitive cost performance ratio is your best choice for activity testing. We can test various forms of enzyme extractions and provide correct results. Overall, Creative Enzymes is your trustworthy partner in further research and development.

Enzyme Activity Measurement of Uracil/thymine Dehydrogenase Figure: The reaction catalyzed by uracil/thymine dehydrogenase in the case of uracil substrate.

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