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Enzyme Activity Measurement of (d)CMP Kinase

Creative Enzymes is the leading company in the field of enzyme activity assays. We are especially proficient in transferase testing. The professional processes and high-quality services of Creative Enzymes support researchers and innovators in various activity assays for different purposes. Based on the advanced equipment, we can offer precise measurement for (d)CMP kinase.

(d)CMP kinase is a prokaryotic enzyme that belongs to the nucleoside monophosphate (NMP) kinases family. Differing from eukaryotic enzyme, prokaryotic (d)CMP kinase specifically phosphorylates CMP or dCMP to form CDP or dCDP, using ATP as the preferred phosphoryl donor. The catalytic reaction needs the participation of Mg2+.

Nucleoside monophosphate kinases are key enzymes in the metabolism of nucleotides. As for (d)CMP kinase, it is the main player in the biosynthesis of nucleoside precursors. More specifically, this enzyme is involved in the pyrimidine ribonucleosides salvage I pathway, and the product CDP is further phosphorylated to produce CTP, which is one of the major biological intermediate for RNA, DNA, and phospholipids. Among various sources, (d)CMP kinase from E. coli is most studied. The overall structure of the enzyme is similar to those of other NMP kinases. In addition to the vital functions in cell growth, more applications in biotechnology have been exploited. For example, overexpressing (d)CMP kinase can achieve the whole cell biocatalysis to obtain CTP. Recently, more and more studies are focused on different derivations and modifications. To this end, Creative Enzymes can support further research on the enzyme with reliable activity assays performed on most advanced spectrophotometric instrument. We can test not only purified enzymes, but also enzymes in cell lysates, tissues, and other enzyme-containing solutions.

Enzyme Activity Measurement of (d)CMP Kinase
Figure: The crystal structure of (d)CMP kinase from Escherichia coli.
Reference: Briozzo, P. et al. Structure 1998 6: 1517-1527.

Creative Enzymes is one of the few companies that can provide customized activity assay services for (d)CMP kinase. Our research center stands out with advanced equipment, rich experiences, and a professional team. Creative Enzymes will continue providing high reproducibility and accuracy activity measurement in the future.

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