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Enzyme Formulation

Enzyme formulation is an important process step besides production and purification. Although much effort has been focused on discovering the right enzyme for a given application, enzyme formulation also plays a pivotal role in the final use and success of the enzyme product. Therefore, Creative Enzymes has developed advanced enzyme formulations to help with commercialization of as many enzyme products as possible.


  • A wide range of enzyme formulations, from various forms of liquid and solid products to immobilized enzymes.
  • Formulation solutions for all volumes, grams to the 100 kg.
  • Cutting edge facilities & innovative techniques.
  • Capable of fast development and scale-up of virtually any new formulation and process.

Enzymes Formulation Services Workflow

Workflow of Enzyme Formulation Services by Creative Enzymes

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For all these services, we provide fully innovative and bespoke consultation with customers. To discuss project details, please call 1-631-562-8517 or e-mail us at:, or use our contact page: Contact.

At Creative Enzymes, we use various skills to generate stable formulations, such as microgranulates, immobilized enzymes, and liquid formulations. Creative Enzymes is able to meet different needs of different customers when it comes to delivering the enzymes as required. Our advantages include an extensive expertise on the principle of formulation and rich resources in technical support. Altogether, we deter high-quality enzyme products that provide robust performance.

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