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Enzyme Quality Certification

Creative Enzymes is an industrial biotech company specialized in offering enzyme products and services. As a reliable supplier, Creative Enzymes performs services with high quality and competitive cost-performance ratio. Especially, Creative Enzymes is renowned for superior quality certification services. We ensure the accuracy and sensitivity in detecting trace amounts of impurities in the final product. In addition, the enzymes products are also tested with several enzymology tools to ensure the activity and stability of the enzyme product. Besides, our services are highlighted with several unique advantages.

Enzyme Quality Certification

Ensuring the enzymes quality and performance is of paramount importance, to both industrial use and exploratory research. All enzyme samples undergo stringent quality controls, and we are constantly testing their performance through internal validation programs. All enzymes are evaluated by SDS-PAGE and silver-stained gels to ensure the highest levels of purity and the absence of contaminating proteins.

The Quality Control (QC) lab of Creative Enzymes is the powerhouse of ensuring the quality and safety of every product. The personnel of our QC are fully experienced and continuously trained to keep operation with the most current testing techniques. The test facility has cGLP and ISO 9001 certifications so the certification results can be used even in heavily regulated applications. We understand that both quality and safety are of the first priority to the customers, so we strictly stick to high quality standards which is followed through the entire certification and validation process.

We heard from customers in various industries and understand that each enzyme product has its own profile emphasizing different aspects of the performance and properties. Creative Enzymes is equipped with all necessary analytical tools covering structural biology, analytical chemistry, and enzymology kinetics. Custom tests and reports can be created based on the certification needs in each case to control and demonstrate the product quality.

Overall, Creative Enzymes is proud to offer the first-class services to the global market. By constantly striving for utmost quality, Creative Enzymes has earned the trust of countless customers. Our passion for highest quality and unique services is only exceeded by our excellent reputation in the marketplace.

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