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Enzyme Stabilization by Engineering

Successful application of an enzyme is often preceded by efforts in enzyme engineering aimed at tailoring specific properties. Creative Enzymes provides enzyme engineering services to enhance the stability and activity of enzymes. We have successfully delivered hundreds of batches of products to customers and have demonstrated extensive skills in the field.

Enzyme Stabilization by Engineering workflow

Enzyme Stabilization by Engineering Structural and sequential analysis Get a quote
Enzyme engineering (disulfide bridges, helix capping and optimization, and “entropic stabilization”)
Computational analysis and homology comparison
Stability testing

Q1: How is enzyme stability modified by enzyme engineering?

In many industrial applications, stability is defined as having a sufficient activity under specified conditions after a certain period of storage. However, many enzymes are not sufficiently stable under process conditions, which makes stability one of the most often engineered enzyme properties. Through reversible thermal unfolding, several important strategies for enzyme stabilization have been developed. Recently, studies also found that the attachment of synthetic polymers to proteins influences activity and stability and offers a means to add novel functions to the protein in a variety of microenvironments. The tendency is to grow responsive polymers from the surface of an enzyme then one could predictably influence the functionality of catalytically active proteins by polymer-based protein engineering (PBPE) as an alternative to site-directed mutagenesis. Thus, improving the enzyme stability.

A close view of the active site of an enzyme, showing the key catalytic amino acids in the active site, which may be modified. Figure: A close view of the active site of an enzyme, showing the key catalytic amino acids in the active site, which may be modified.

Creative Enzymes closely follows the latest advances in enzyme engineering techniques, engaged in providing the best services to all customers. The optimal approaches are based on the comprehensive understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge. Please contact us for detailed technical support.

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