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Enzyme Thermal Stability

Creative Enzymes is the leading service provider of enzyme stabilization. Enzyme stability is one of the important properties, especially in pharmaceutical applications and industrial production. Creative Enzymes perform enzyme stabilization and thermal stability measurement for many types of applications. We make sure that customer understand the impact of temperature changes on enzyme stability over time. In addition, we use all types of specialized techniques to maximize the stability of various enzymes, especially at extreme temperatures.

Workflow of measurement and improvement of thermal stability

Considering the identification demands for enzyme thermal stability, Creative Enzymes developed reliable services of enzyme stabilization. The thermal stability tests are carried out under our advanced and smart device.

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Thermal stability testing at different temperatures
Activity and stability assessment
Thermal stability optimization

Q1: What factors may affect thermal stability of enzymes?

Temperature and pH are two major factors that impact the activity of enzymes. The thermal stability usually increases with rising temperature and passes a maximum, followed by a decrease. Therefore, this behavior is frequently described as temperature optimum, although an optimum temperature for the enzyme activity does not necessarily exist at all. Under optimum temperature, the enzymes can exert best catalytic activities. However, as a bioactive molecular, the function and structure of enzymes can’t be guaranteed in some critical circumstances. For example, the three-dimensional structure of enzymes is thermos-sensitive and becomes destabilized at high temperature causing denaturation.

Targeted at both common and special enzymes, such as enzymes in living organisms, Creative Enzymes can also carry custom assays to give more precise results. Having been serving the enzyme industry for many years, Creative Enzymes’ abilities of test design and stabilization are endorsed by lots of customers. Creative Enzymes will continue the service as your trustworthy partner.

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