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Creative Enzymes has always been an innovator in enzyme expression and production. As an example, the choice of production hosts for an enzyme is no longer limited by system availability at Creative Enzymes. Considering that the yeast expression systems are not always the system of choice, Creative Enzymes developed fungi hosts that has been shown valuable as an alternative eukaryotic host for foreign gene expression.

Although fungi have just become regularly used and are not studied as thoroughly as bacteria as an expression host, efficient gene transfer systems have been developed for several species. Several advantages give prominence to the fungi expression system when compared economic considerations and the enzyme characteristics to other systems. Many attractive features have already been found for fungi as production hosts:

Both constitutive and inducible promoters can be used in the development of expression system for recombinant enzymatic expression, which improves the flexibility of the expression processes. In fungi, the promoter and the terminator regions are flanked by DNA sequences and control the transcription. The promoter regions for many fungal genes have been sequenced and the functions of some have been analyzed.

Bioactive proteins need the correct post-translational modification for their functions and activities, especially for enzymes from mammalian and high eukaryotic sources. Compared with hyperglycosylation with mannose-rich moieties in S. cerevisiae, the fungal expression system has the mechanism to achieve proper glycosylation and correct protein folding.

There are several techniques for purification of intracellular proteins expressed in E. coli and S. cerevisiae, but they are time-consuming and often result in poor yields. If the product enzyme is secreted outside of the host, the purification process can be considerably simplified, which is the very characteristic of fungi. Signal sequences from filamentous fungi are similar to those of higher eukaryotes, which can achieve efficient secretion.

Although the yield of some heterologous proteins are relatively low when expressed in fungi, there are many successful cases that high production rate is achieved in the fungi system. Several factors could contribute to high yields. First, in the fungal expression system, multiple copies of foreign gene can be inserted into the chromosome: as many as 100 copies have been demonstrated. Second, the fermentation cultures can be grown to a high cell density. The yield of the target protein often goes beyond the level of 1 g/L after initial optimization of the fermentation conditions.

To support the special research needs, Creative Enzymes offers comprehensive enzyme expression services in the fungi system. The strong technical support distinguishes Creative Enzymes from competitors, in addition to other advantages such as independent research center and abundant resources. Different types of fungi hosts are available at Creative Enzymes to meet different demands, including Aspergillus nidulans, Trichoderma reesei, and Neurospora crassa. Besides, a set of corresponding vectors and promoters were developed for each host fungus, and the professional molecular construction will be accomplished rapidly. Third, every custom expression request is under strict quality control, and the enzyme quality is guaranteed with precise analysis. Finally, the scale-up process can be easily performed by Creative Enzymes based on extensive experiences. Overall, Creative Enzymes is the best choice for enzyme expression and production. Before submitting the service request, we strongly encourage you to consult with the customer support in the first place to receive a quick and professional suggestion.

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