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Protein Interactions

Cellular life fundamentally depends on a continuing network of molecular interactions among proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules. Aberrant interactions are usually the cause of most human diseases such as cancer or autoimmunity. Since proteins rarely act alone as their functions tend to be regulated, the study of protein interactions with different biological compounds, such as enzymes, DNA, RNA and other small molecules, empowers the current knowledge on biochemical cascades and molecular etiology of disease, as well as the discovery of putative protein targets. In enzyme discovery, the study of protein interactions can also contribute to the development of screening methods.

The complete map of protein interactions that occurs in an organism is called the interactome, which could only be achieved by a collective effort between the experiments and computations. The most popular experimental methods for protein interactions are the yeast-two-hybrid (Y2H) system, affinity purification followed by mass spectrometry (AP-MS), and literature-derived low-throughput experiments. These approaches are capable of determining the types and characteristics of protein interactions, which contributes to various databases of known protein interfaces, such as ProtCID and 3DID. Limitations of experimental methods necessitate computational prediction of protein interactions. The majority of existing various computational approaches can be grouped as simulation-based and statistical/machine-learning-based approaches. The protein interaction prediction methods include interolog search, gene cluster and gene neighborhood, residue coupling, docking, and gene coexpression profiles.

Creative Enzymes is a leading company to provide customized service of protein interaction analysis with the help of advanced experimental strategies and data analysis tools. Based on different purposes, Creative Enzymes can provide various types of protein interaction approaches, including in vivo, in vitro and in silico methods:


Types of methods aiming to solve the prediction of protein interaction problem. Figure 1 Conceptual view on protein-protein interaction prediction methods.
(Chemical Reviews 2016)

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