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Purification and Recovery

After fermentation, rigorous purification is necessary to eliminate contaminants and other undesired substance. Creative Enzymes’ purification and recovery service could satisfy all commercial requirements. Based on the unique characteristics of the target enzyme, we customize purification and recovery method to guarantee the following quality:

Purification and Recovery

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Once the produced enzyme is harvested from the bioreactor, Creative Enzyme performs rapid and effective purification to ensure that the stability, cost, yield and purity meet formulation needs and customer’s criteria. With our advanced techniques, Creative Enzymes will become your trusted partner.

Q1: Is purification necessary, even for industrial enzymes?

A: Commercial enzymes are usually used in food industry or clinical therapies. In rare cases, crude enzymes are used directly without purification. However, high enzyme purity standard is often needed in a vast majority of application. In industrial manufacturing, the focus is always on end product quality. Optimal purification and recovery will contribute to the final formulation process. If you are not sure about the final quality and purity, our team is always happy to discuss it with you.

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