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Real-time and Accelerated Stability Test

Creative Enzymes provides high-quality services that help to develop applications of various enzymes. Noticing the enzyme stability is an important property in its application, Creative Enzymes has set up services targeted at improvement in stabilization. In addition, we also provide reliable stability testing under various storage conditions.

Enzyme stability test is usually built on the foundation of data which are collected from experimental protocols. As for enzymes, the bio-activity is influenced by many factors, therefore, the stabilization test is essential. Stabilization test can be divided into two types, real-time and accelerated stabilization testing respectively.

Real-time and accelerated stability test workflow

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Real-time testing
Accelerated testing
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Q1: What’s the difference between real-time testing and accelerated testing?

Real-time stability studies are the “gold standard” in determining expiration date and shelf life. In this approach, the product is stored at recommended storage conditions and monitored until it fails the specification. Therefore, the duration of the test period should be long enough to allow sufficient enzyme degradation under storage conditions. As for accelerated testing, the enzymes are stressed at several high (warmer than ambient) temperatures and the active period is recorded. This information is then extrapolated to predict product shelf life. A reasonable statistical treatment in accelerated stability projections requires that at least four stress temperature be used. In addition, more nearly accurate stability projections are obtained when denaturing stress temperature are avoided.

Based on different testing methods, Creative Enzymes can perform services for quantitative stability tests. In addition, we also offer testing for any customer-interested parameters. To discuss your project with experts and receive information on pricing and production time, please call 1-631-562-8517, or e-mail us at:, or use our contact page: Contact.

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