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Screening of Substrates, Inhibitors, and Other Ligands

Creative Enzymes is a leading professional in the field of enzyme ligand screening. We are specialized in rapid and accurate evaluation of substrates, inhibitors, and other ligands for specific enzymes, based on high-throughput experiments or computational simulation results. In other cases, we also provide screening of active enzymes against specific substrates or inhibitors, which would help to identify the functioning enzymes in a pathway or the biological target of a small molecule.

Screening Services by Creative Enzymes


  • Advanced: state-of-the-art candidates handling and tracking
  • Huge screening platform: 240,000 compounds, with 3 library subsets designed for specific screening needs
  • Updated: each candidate is up-to-date, less than 2 years old at time of selection
  • Reliable: candidates have been rigorously selected to exclude undesirable features
  • Development-ready: all candidates or building blocks are available in trial sizes

Screening Services Workflow

Screening Services Workflow  by Creative Enzymes

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Screening Services Selection Guide

Services Highlighted Services Features Price
Substrate screening and identification
  • Best substrate for an enzymatic reaction
  • Natural substrates of an enzyme
Give the key information of the natural function of the enzyme. From $2,000/100 candidates
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Inhibitor screening and design
  • Virtual screening of enzyme inhibitors
  • High-throughput screening of inhibitors
  • Structure-based inhibitor design
  • Ligand-based inhibitor design
Helpful in drug discovery, fundamental research and other industrial applications. From $2,000/100 candidates
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Target enzyme identification
  • Enzyme screening against substrates
  • Identification of a target enzyme
Helpful in medical, diagnostic metabolomics. Get a quote
Identification and screening of other ligands
  • Screening of enzyme activators
  • Evaluation of cofactors and additives
  • Detection of enzyme aggregation and oligomerization
  • Enzyme folding facilitators
-Helpful for enzyme stabilization, storage, and optimization of reaction conditions.
-Helpful in correcting enzyme folding and enzyme stability.
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For all these different services, we provide fully customizable screening services in consultation with clients.  To discuss project details, please call 1-631-562-8517 or e-mail us at:, or use our contact page: Contact.

Supported by outstanding enzymology researchers, Creative Enzymes is able to design and perform various screening tests for a variety of applications. Once your request is received, you can rely on Creative Enzymes to bring the package of solution and deliver the accurate results.

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