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Stabilization in Organic Solvents

Creative Enzymes is an innovator in enzyme products and services. We are specialized in development of technical routes to commercialization, including key steps in enzyme production and supplies. As an important stabilization method, we use organic solvents in enzyme formulations to maximize enzyme stability of desired products. The extensive experience in enzyme stabilization makes Creative Enzymes the best-known supplier of stabilization services.


  • Increasing solubility of hydrophobic substrates
  • Shifting the thermodynamic equilibrium to favor synthesis over hydrolysis
  • Suppressing water-dependent side reactions
  • Enabling more concentrated formulations

Strategies for Obtaining A Stable Biocatalyst

Strategies for stabilization of enzymes by Creative Enzymes.

Different Techniques for Obtaining A Stable Biocatalyst

Different Techniques for stabilization of enzymes toward organic solvents by Creative Enzymes.

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The use of organic solvent systems serves as a pivotal role in enzyme stabilization. Creative Enzymes is excited to provide the professional and comprehensive techniques to stabilize enzymes using organic solvents. With the addition of Creative Enzymes technical support, your research is positioned to succeed.

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