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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Allyl-Alcohol Dehydrogenase Using Spectrophotometric Assays

Creative Enzymes is one of the few companies in the world that provides spectrophotometric assays for allyl-alcohol dehydrogenase. With specialized knowledge in oxidoreductases, especially the ones such as allyl-alcohol dehydrogenase, Creative Enzymes successfully demonstrated the first-in-class test quality and service reliability. The accuracy of our test results is assured by the most advanced spectrophotometric instruments.

Allyl-alcohol dehydrogenase (EC1.1.1.54) is an enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of allyl alcohols, and converts it to acrolein, using NADP+ as the redox cofactor. This enzyme also acts on saturated primary alcohols. Allyl-alcohol dehydrogenase was first isolated from E.coli, and subsequently found in other organisms, such as Pseudomonas putida, Fusarium oxysporum, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, andNicotiana tabacum.It is a member of oxidoreductases, more specifically, the oxidoreductases that catalyze the CH-OH group of the substrate. The systematic name of this enzyme class is allyl-alcohol:NADP+ oxidoreductase. It holds a valuable function in the pathway of detoxification of reactive carbonyls in chloroplasts.   

Althoughallyl-alcohol dehydrogenase has critical position in many biological reaction, a standardized activity assay for this enzyme has not been developed yet, which makes many researchers face obstructions in developing and utilizing this enzyme. Based on years of experiences on testing and characterizing the enzymes, Creative Enzymes is proud to provide the accurate activity assay for allyl-alcohol dehydrogenase. The catalytic activity of allyl-alcohol dehydrogenase can be measured by following either the reduction of NADP+ at 260nm or the oxidation of NADPH at 340nm, using spectrophotometric analysis. To support our customer’s in carrying out scientific research, Creative Enzymes offers spectrophotometric assays to precisely measure the enzymatic activity. Overall, Creative Enzymes is your best choice for activity measurement for allyl-alcohol dehydrogenase.

Enzyme Activity Measurement for Allyl-Alcohol Dehydrogenase Using Spectrophotometric Assays Figure: The Crystal structure of allyl-alcohol dehydrogenase. PDB: 4HFJ

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