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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Ribokinase Using Chromatographic Assays

The fast growing business of Creative Enzymes is built on the foundation of comprehensive expertise and specialized skills. Possessing the most advanced equipment and the knowledgeable enzymologists, Creative Enzymes offers the top-class enzyme activity measurement for all research purposes. Our ribokinase assay is based on chromatography, which results guaranteed precision and low variations.

Ribokinase has a wide range of existence among many species and organisms. This enzyme is a member of the transferases, more specifically, the phosphotransferases which transfer phosphorus-containing groups to alcohol acceptors. Ribokinase catalyzes the phosphorylation of ribose to ribose-5-phosphate using ATP as a phosphor group donor. Biochemical studies on the catalytic mechanism of ribokinases have revealed the necessity of divalent cations, such as Mg2+, for the transferring activity.

Ribokinases are involved in the pentose phosphate pathway, which is an important pathway parallel to glycolysis. In the pentose phosphate pathway, functional molecules vital to growth are generated, such as NADPH. Ribose 5-phosphate, which is produced by ribokinase, is another key intermediate of this pathway and hence flows through the pathways of central metabolism to satisfy the cell's needs for precursor metabolites, reducing power, and metabolic energy. This enzyme also participates in the degradation of ribose. Therefore, ribokinase plays a key role in the recycling of sugars produced from the metabolism of nucleotides. Due to the indispensable role it holds in metabolism, more and more studies on the enzyme have been initiated. However, the exact activation mechanism of ribokinase remains elusive. Activity measurement is the commonly used method to screen the activators and the inhibitors. Precise and reliable results are fundamental data to further research on the mechanism. In addition to the most advanced chromatograph, Creative Enzymes has a group of specialized scientists which would choose the suitable assay for ribokinases.

Figure: The crystal structure of  ribonknise.<br />
Reference: Andersson, C.E. <em>et al. J.Mol.Biol</em>. <strong>2002</strong> 315: 409-419. Figure: The crystal structure of ribonknise.
Reference: Andersson, C.E. et al. J.Mol.Biol. 2002 315: 409-419.

Creative Enzymes has dramatically grown to a top enzyme service supplier in the world. The superior services of Creative Enzymes are marked with high-quality. All customers send positive feedback toward our rapid and reliable results. Creative Enzymes will keep close attention to the latest techniques and skills to perfect enzyme activity testing.

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CAS No.9026-84-0
CAS No.9026-84-0
SourceE. coli
CAS No.9026-84-0
SourceE. coli
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