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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Galacturan 1,4-Alpha-Galacturonidase

After a decade of exploration and exploitation, Creative Enzymes holds a top position in the enzyme service industry. Relying on the advanced equipment and the standard control protocol, our services are of excellent quality and exceed the majority of the industry. We persist in providing rapid and best services for every service request, including galacturan 1,4-alpha-galacturonidase.

Galacturan 1,4-alpha-galacturonidase (EC is one of the hydrolytic depolymerases (polygalacturonases, PGs) which are the pectinolytic enzymes that degrade polygalacturonan present in the cell walls of plants, hydrolyzing the glycosidic bonds that link galacturonic acid residues. This enzyme is an exo-polygalacturonase that degrades the alpha-1,4-polygalacturonic acid polymer targeting to the non-reducing end and produces monosaccharide GalA as a product.

PGs are widely distributed among fungi, bacteria, and many types of yeasts, as well as in higher plants and some plant parasitic nematodes. In these organisms, galacturan 1,4-alpha-galacturonidase participates in the pentose and glucuronate interconversions and starch and sucrose metabolism. The existence of this enzyme contributes to the breakdown of the polymers and increases the efficient utilization of substances. In industrial manufacturing, this enzyme has wide a range of applications. For example, in food processing, this enzyme is used in degradation of pectic substances to improve stability of fruit and vegetable nectars, clarification of fruit juice and wine, production of baby food, and bakery or distillery processing industries. In the environment protection and recycling of wastes, this enzyme is used as adjunct to cellulases and hemicellulases in biomass pretreatment, facilitating the degradation of polymers. Nowadays, studies focus not only on the structures and the functions, but also on the expanded applications. To facilitate such effort, Creative Enzymes offers the accurate activity determination for galacturan 1,4-alpha-galacturonidase, by estimating the amount of released reducing sugar using the spectrophotometric assays.

The crystal structure of galacturan 1,4-alpha-galacturonidase from Bacillus subtilis. Figure: The crystal structure of galacturan 1,4-alpha-galacturonidase from Bacillus subtilis.

Over the years, Creative Enzymes have modernized the equipment and upgraded the skills continuously in order to expand capacity of providing perfect activity assay services. Our efforts are praised by more and more clients all over the world. With the ultimate goal of being the best supplier for enzyme activity assays, Creative Enzymes will keep maintaining the professional and rigorous operation and execution to provide top-quality services.

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