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Enzyme Expression and Production in Other Bacteria

The expression and production service of Creative Enzymes provides a customer-oriented solution to help researchers and companies to successfully produce their desired recombinant enzymes. Our expression service is available through flexible contract and partnership with all clients. The service can be provided along the entire gene-to-product axis, or within a selected segment of the project. Except for E. coli and Bacillus, which are the two most frequently used bacterial expression systems, Creative Enzymes also provides other bacterial expression systems to satisfy special requests from clients, such as Lactoccocus lactis, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Streptomyces lividans, and Staphylococcus carnosus.

Lactoccocus lactis has emerged in recent years as one of the most important Gram-positive bacterial expression systems. Compared to E. coli, Lactoccocus lactis has the advantage of being GRAS (“generally recognized as safe” by FDA) and endotoxin free, which are crucial for both therapeutic and food applications. Moreover, the potential for extracellular production is a huge benefit. Additionally, Lactoccocus lactis system is also advantageous in having only one membrane, which potentially makes membrane-targeting and processing easier and less prone to inclusion body formation. Furthermore, purification of membrane proteins from a single-membrane bacterium is more labor efficient.

Pseudomonas species are known for their rapid growth and ability to secrete proteins. Several Pseudomonas species, including P. fluorescens, P. aeruginosa, and P. putida, were demonstrated to be good alternatives to E. coli in recombinant enzyme production, achieving yield comparable to or higher than E. coli systems. The protein production of P. fluorescens is less dependent on oxygen concentrations, and no acetate accumulation occurs during production. P. aeruginosa is of interest as host for recombinant protein production owning to its native and well-studied secretion systems. P. putida KT2440 was certified as a biosafety strain and recent development of genetic manipulation tools makes it possible for production engineering of recombinant enzymes.

In addition, several other bacterial expression systems have emerged in recent years as useful alternatives. Ralstonia eutropha is also a promising host which appears superior to E. coli with respect to inclusion body formation. Streptomyces systems are particularly noteworthy and are well known for secreting large amounts of soluble proteins to the growth medium, suggesting high capacity of their secretion systems. The nonpathogenic gram-positive bacterium S. carnosus is able to secrete large amounts of proteins to the culture supernatant. Laborious solubilization, renaturation, and purification procedures, which often strongly reduce the product recovery in E. coli, are dispensable in S. carnosus.

Creative Enzymes fulfills all types of needs in enzyme expression and production using various expression systems. We offer world-class experiences of complete tailor-made services for producing an enzyme of interest. Our brilliant scientist team makes each bacterial expression system available for enzyme discovery and engineering. With decades of experiences in enzyme production, Creative Enzymes make the commitment to providing customers the highest service quality.

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