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Enzyme Engineering by De Novo Design

Creative Enzymes is a leading professional in the field of enzyme engineering. De novo design is an attractive approach for constructing designed enzymes with predetermined structures and functions. Creative Enzymes provides de novo design related services for enzyme engineering, such as enzyme structure prediction, enzyme folding and interactions, thermodynamics information, energetic state, and stability.


  • Natural backbone structures can be used as design templates.
  • Sequence-to-structure relationships and/or statistical force fields can be gleaned from natural proteins to guide the design of sequences.
  • Accurate structure and function prediction.

De Novo Design Services Workflow

De Novo Design Services Workflow by Creative Enzymes # Required for the guaranteed packages but optional for custom services.

Different Methods for De Novo Enzyme Generation

Different methods for de novo enzyme generation Reference: Golynskiy M V, Seelig B. Trends in biotechnology, 2010, 28(7): 340-345.

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Creative Enzymes offers comprehensive de novo enzyme engineering services to our clients. We work closely our customers and use leading expertise to solve specific problems and optimize processes in every step of enzyme engineering. Through our unremitting efforts, we have earned the trust of countless customers and are well known to provide the best customer satisfaction.

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