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Primary Structure Determination

The primary structure of an enzyme, also known as its amino acid sequence, drives the folding and intramolecular bonding of the amino acid chain, which ultimately determines the enzyme's unique three-dimensional shape and corresponding functions. The primary structure of an enzyme can be easily determined by the corresponding gene sequence. In case no DNA sequence information is available, which is not unusual during enzyme discovery, the determination of the enzyme’s primary structure needs to start “from scratch”.

Usually, there are four general steps to determine the primary structure of a pre-purified enzyme without a known DNA sequence. First, the amino acid chains of the enzyme are separated by reducing disulfide bonds. Next, the polypeptide chains are fragmented enzymatically, chemically, or physically, with endopeptidase, cyanogen bromide, or through collision in Mass spectrometry as perspective examples. Then, the fragments are sequenced by Edman degradation or Mass spectrometry. Finally, the sequences are reconstructed to get the complete primary structure. Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool in protein determination. In shotgun proteomics, this technology can be even used to sequence a mixture of proteins. However, in most cases, multiple technologies will be used in combinations to generate the most reliable results.

Creative Enzymes provides solid services for amino acid sequencing. Our service is built with sufficient experience and advanced instruments. Rigorous QC processes are in place to ensure that customer’s requirement is met for the specific purpose. Some highlighted services include:

Using LC and MS for detailed characterization of protein primary structure. Figure 1 Bottom-up- and top-down analysis for the structural characterization of peptides and protein pharmaceuticals by mass spectrometry.
(European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 2015)

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